Newzik version 5.6.0 has just been released and is available on the App Store. We are very excited about the new features it contains:

  • Annotate faster with your Apple Pencil: enter annotation mode directly by drawing with the Apple Pencil (or equivalent) on the page. When annotating with the stylus, you can now turn pages with your finger.
  • Improved annotation toolbar: The annotation toolbar has been redesigned to be even more practical. Swipe it up or down to set it quickly at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Export parts as separate files: you can now export different Pieces of a Setlist or Project and different parts of a Piece as separate PDF files instead of exporting all parts in a single PDF file. All PDF files will be packaged in a ZIP file. Very handy for quick backup and sharing!
  • Free library of 15 Pieces: the free version of Newzik now allows you to manage up to 15 files in your library. If you exceed this limit, you can now delete a file from your library to continue using Newzik for free.

We hope you enjoy this new version! Please do write to us if you have any feedback.

You can now enter annotation mode directly with your Apple Pencil (or equivalent)