For the best experience possible, it is strongly advised to enable push notifications for Newzik on your iPad or iPhone. Contrary to what one might think, push notifications are not just messages that pop up on your screen! They also serve an essential role for some cloud-based features.

In Newzik, they are what make automatic synchronization of edits possible when using the same Newzik account on several devices, or when using the collaborative features of Projects. If they are not enabled, edits made to an account or to a Project (e.g. adding a Piece, adding an annotation, etc.) might not synchronize as fast and as reliably.

Furthermore, push notifications are used to send sheet music bought from our partner publishers to your Newzik inbox. If they are disabled, it might take longer for your purchased material to arrive in your inbox.

Finally, we might send you communications such as information about new updates through push notifications. Do not worry though, we will always set them up so that they do not disturb you during performance.

When you first open the Newzik app, a message will pop up asking you to enable push notifications for Newzik. If you would like to change this setting afterwards, go to your device's Settings app, scroll down to "Newzik" in the left side menu, click on "Notifications" and enable "Allow Notifications".